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Valerie Winter, Director, Global Marketing and Business Communications at FMC Corporation

“David is a strategic marketer who is passionate about not only growing the businesses and products he manages but the people in those businesses. He is definitely a team player who enjoys collaborating with all levels of the organization (leadership, peers, subordinates) but also likes to think outside of the box and use innovative ways to “get the job done”. He has a strong background in CPG innovation, brand management and social influence and was able to leverage these capabilities here at FMC; in particular through utilizing solid social media insights to help our customers better understand their customers. David is fair, consistent, and trustworthy and makes capable decisions based on a combination of great instincts, good knowledge of the business and a solid background. David is an asset to the organization and I truly enjoy working with him.”

June 28, 2016, Valerie worked directly with David at FMC Corporation

Deana Sabatino, VP Category Management & Customer Planning at Pinnacle Foods

“David is an innovative and transformational leader with extensive experience in New Product Development and Innovation in both CPG and Pharma. David has extensive Marketing and Management experience and is a proven leader and general manager. David is a strategic leader who is able to see the bigger picture, and more importantly execute against the outlined objectives. I have had the pleasure to work with David at both Church & Dwight and Telerx and he is an asset to any management team. He has a tremendous work ethic, and experience in many businesses. David’s leadership and management skills enable him to manage and execute against aggressive goals successfully.”

August 19, 2013, Deana managed David at Telerx Inc. (a subsidiary of Merck & Co., Inc.)

Louis Marangolo, Director, National Client Insights at Acosta Sales & Marketing

“David is a strategic thinker with sales sensitivity. He places the consumer front and center in his thought process. This provides for a solid framework and foundation for our sales force to gain approvals and authorizations from retail buyers. David is very easy to work with and is always challenging conventional wisdom when it comes to consumer attitudes and behaviors and backs it up with quantitative and qualitative research. He is a great team member and adds value at all levels of the organization.”

March 2, 2012, Louis worked with David at Quickie Manufacturing

Daniel Lafferty, Marketing Home Care Director

David Birnbaum, principal of Birnbaum Consulting, LLC, was hired to assess the desirability of targeting a new audience for TENA, family caregivers. David’s leadership, strategic thinking and meticulous execution transformed this assessment into a high-priority long-term initiative for the company.

By researching and synthesizing the needs of impacted parties (including the management team, brand team, sales, trade partners, family caregivers and their loved ones), David put together a comprehensive plan to help TENA become the incontinence leader among family caregivers.

Of significance, David delivered tangible results against this plan within months. These include a strategic alliance that reaches 1 million family caregivers monthly, a national sweepstakes, and a public relations campaign that obtained coverage in more than 200 national or local sources including US News & World Report Online and Reuters. All this was accomplished with very limited financial and people resources.
Having benefited from David’s services for more than a year, I know he adds high-quality, timely and cost effective value. If the opportunity arises, I would definitely want to work with David again and strongly recommend Birnbaum Consulting, LLC to others.

November 19, 2009, Daniel managed David at SCA Personal Care.

Thomas Denison, Chairman

David Birnbaum, principal of Birnbaum Consulting, LLC, provided valuable insight into the retail process, wonderful introductions into the PR and engineering space and high-quality market research to evaluate a disruptive consumer offering.

As a startup business, Activeion Cleaning Solutions needed help in a number of areas.  David’s experience and network helped us launch a commercial product with the appropriate resources and planning.  David’s input also prevented us from moving forward prematurely into other markets and helped us develop criteria for evaluating what it would take to be successful in those markets.  This information helped guide our product development and marketing strategy.

David has proven himself to be a valuable resource on both what to do and not to do.

July 5, 2009, Thomas was the Chairman at ActiveIon Cleaning Solutions.

Andy Cohen, Pres & CEO THE A TEAM LLC

David is a smart marketer and a true professional. In working with him, I have come to understand that he looks at issues from a strategic standpoint and then leads from an innovative standpoint.

David has been very successful in the corporate world, and has been very successful in his consulting efforts for clients. He is able to bring the resources necessary to achieve the needed goals.

I highly recommend having David as part of your team.

May 18, 2009, Andy was with another company when working with David at Birnbaum Consulting, LLC

Robert Taraschi, Strategic innovation facilitator & comedy writer

David is an absolutely fantastic strategic developer that will shatter your most deeply held convictions about how innovation works. Ceaselessly expert in taking the “no” out of innovation.
David is the perfect guide or strategic provocateur to some of the most interesting client work I have ever facilitated. Think you know how to strategically out think your competition? You won’t know for sure until you work with David.

May 14, 2009, Robert was a consultant or contractor to David at Birnbaum Consulting, LLC

Elizabeth Houlihan, Chief Marketing Officer |Operational Executive GM | Vice President – Marketing | CPG Product Development |Leadership

David has delivered outstanding results because he listens, thinks and acts strategically, and sees opportunities that others often miss. He is an individual with high integrity and curiosity whom I would hire again — and did.

May 21, 2008, Elizabeth managed David at VetCentric

Kevin Folkes, Sales Executive

“David is an intelligent and insightful marketing leader. His leadership style reflects the epitome of collaboration within a cross functional-team based work environment that is focused on delivering results. As Marketing Director, New Product Development, he successfully created and introduced “new” products that were innovative, “consumer driven” and margin accretive to the Church & Dwight portfolio of brands.”

May 16, 2008, Kevin worked with David at Church & Dwight Co., Inc.


Case Studies Testimonials