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Innovate to create meaningful customer experiences

There are many way to effectively innovate. Options include launching new products, offering new services or enhancing margins. Critical for success is connecting with your customers, internally and externally, to identify unmet needs, opportunities or pain points. However, for successful innovation, it is important to know where to connect (or play) and how to connect (or win). The answers often stem from stated and unstated goals and strategies.

Birnbaum Consulting helps you assess, evolve or build an innovation strategy (or roadmap) for success. It also innovates against existing strategies. Either way, we help you understand your customers, category, competition and equities.

Through the Connect phase, the ideation process is well underway. This can include discovery, concept writing, idea validation, financial assessment, home-use testing and securing alignment internally to move forward. As appropriate, Birnbaum Consulting is also a resource to help with the developmental and commercialization phases. From working closely with R&D to field a home-use test, to developing the consumer promotions, to putting together a comprehensive launch plan, we are here to help.

If needed, a customized “stage-gate” process can be created. This tool helps determine whether an idea warrants further resources and development. It also guides prioritization and making informed, strategic choices.

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