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Connect with customers in ways never thought possible

Whether your goal is to grow an existing brand or business, or create a new one, Birnbaum Consulting helps you connect with customers in ways never thought possible.

Internal Connecting

To effectively identify goals, strategies and resources, short-term and long-term, it is critical to meet with the internal customer team. This may include executive management, cross-functional leaders and those in the trenches on a day-to-day basis. A key result is insight, from each group’s perspective, on possible ways to meet objectives (along with potential watch-outs). This internal connecting helps secure alignment on what success truly looks like!

External Connecting

Simply put, this means identifying meaningful customer needs and wants. Depending on objectives, this is done with end users, influencers, trade partners, suppliers and/or strategic alliances. Birnbaum Consulting combines first-hand experience with its world-class supplier network to identify meaningful and relevant opportunities. Market research, qualitative and quantitative, is often a cornerstone for discovering, measuring and validating those opportunities. The result is fact-based data to guide recommendations and choices—and the innovation solutions!

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