Success Secrets How We Work 4 D's


4 D’s Approach: Discover. Develop. Deliver. Derive.

  1. Discover

    • Review all relevant documents including marketing plans, research, detailed definition of primary target, as well as other close-in potential targets
    • Review or research what strategies/tactics/incentives/content is working for comparable products
    • Understand what has worked and what has not worked to date in reaching and driving sales
    • Align on expectations of work. This includes scope, plan, budget, timing and deliverables
  2. Develop

    • Define target(s) and user experience as needed
    • Develop objectives, strategies and tactics
    • Develop positioning and messaging
    • Develop concepts and prototypes to establish look and feel
    • Test internally with Management
    • Test externally with Customers, including Retailers and End-Users as appropriate
  3. Deliver

    • QA testing to validate against development requirements
    • Deployment of assets
  4. Derive

    • User acceptance testing
    • Constantly looking, listening, monitoring and adjusting as needed
    • Assess, iterate and optimize results

Success Secrets How We Work 4 D's